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Foundations of GUI Test Automation

(a day long workshop)

Testers and test managers find themselves between a rock and a hard place when implementing test automation. From one side they are bombarded by a constant stream of sales pitches promoting the “click, click, click” record-and-replay approach. From the other side they are pressed by test automation gurus promoting their own frameworks.

In this real-world workshop, major myths and misconceptions are dispelled, and explanations are provided on how to ensure the efficiency of GUI test automation. This tutorial is not tool specific and does not require preliminary knowledge of a GUI test automation tool.

The unique features of this workshop are:
An unbiased comparison of different GUI test automation approaches and frameworks.
(Yury doesn’t represent a software vendor and doesn’t promote his own tool/framework).
The breadth of discussion of different test automation frameworks, including scripting languages (Perl, Ruby, etc.) and an agile FITnesse framework (although the major focus is on the efficient use of commercial GUI test automation tools).


Introduction of GUI Test Automation

Overview of major test automation approaches/frameworks.

Current trends and the nearest future of GUI test automation.

How to select a test automation approach that fits your test automation needs.

How to decide if a specific project should be automated or not.

How to define the scope of test automation.

How to select a test tool to automate a specific application.

Potential problems and roadblocks of test automation

Main principles of efficient test automation

Test Automation process

How to build a test automation team.

Managing Test Automation


Although it's not a mandatory requirement, you are encouraged to bring your laptop.
It will be beneficial to have at least one laptop for two to three people.

You are also encouraged to bring a commercial GUI testing tool (WinRunner, QTP, Silk, Robot, QARun, etc.) in case you use it in your day-to-day job.
It can be used for some exercises.


Public classes in the year 2008:

  • I do not offer public classes this year. If you are interested, please contact me about private classes.