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Yury Makedonov
Toronto, Ontario
(647) 342-6675



Q: My e-mail was rejected because of the “SpamCop Blocking List” or a similar list. What should I do?

A: Sometimes it happens. When you do not have a dedicated mail server, somebody can report an e-mail that originated from your ISP’s mail-server as spam to SpamCop or a similar company. In this case your mail server may be added to a “black list”.

Some ISPs block all incoming e-mails from blacklisted mail servers.

Although I do not know a guaranteed solution, I can recommend the following options:

1) Use your corporate dedicated mail server to send e-mails. Corporate mail servers tend to be blacklisted less often.

2) Use a more expensive ISP in case you do not have a dedicated mail server. Cheap ISPs tend to be blacklisted more often than more expensive ISPs.

3) Send your e-mail to my alternative e-mail , and add the following string to the end of your e-mail "Subject": "df()34zx".
  e-mail is heavily spammed, but the "df()34zx" string would ensure your e-mail’s safe passage through my local spam filter.

4) Call me and leave a message.